Race Car Preperation

If you have a new race car that you need prepared, or an older car that needs some work to get it back on the track, we can help you. We offer a full preparation service, which includes:

  • Stripping the car down to the chassis.
  • Fitting a roll cage.
  • Seam welding and refitting the bodyshell.
  • Strengthening the bodyshell if required.
  • Repairing any rust spots.
  • Preparing the bodyshell in primer.
  • Additional protection such as under chassis stone guards fitted if required.

We offer a full custom car preparation service. You tell us what you want to be done, and we will do it. We are also happy to offer you advice on what we think needs doing to the car to prepare it for racing.

We offer full track support from a shakedown day, to full-season race support. We run Vbox data logging in our cars and work with driver coaches to enable us to get the best out of the car and driver.

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Race car fabrication from space frame chassis to turn key cars, 4 wheel laser alignment, rolling road tuning. aluminium work and msa roll cages.
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